Is Nicolas Cage A Vampire?

Recently at an online auction site,, a person named Jack Mord has been selling a Civil War-era photograph that resembles the image of the actor, Nicolas Cage. The photograph was priced at one million dollars.

Could it be that the award-winning actor is among the paranormal? One plausible explanation could be that Nicolas Cage is a vampire! It is amazing to note that Cage did not appear to age a day since the photograph was taken.

According to Mord, he believes that the photograph belongs to Nicholas Cage and that he is some sort of an undead who reinvents himself once in every 75 years or so. He added that Cage might be a politician, a leader of a cult, or a talk host show some 150 years from now.

The photo was taken in 1864 at Johnson’s Island prison camp in Ohio, according to the New York Daily News. It was photographed by a famous photographer who used to take portraits of confederate prisoners during the Civil War, named Professor G.B. Smith.

The online seller remained that Nicolas Cage is an undead and may have been a Civil War prisoner when the photo was taken.

Mord’s theory is that Nicholas Cage will allow himself to age to a certain point, and let the actor in him die. The paranormal being will have to rejuvenate himself and start all over again in some part of the world as another person.

It was astonishing to know that Nicolas Cage did not deny nor confirm at E!, when interviewed about the accusation thrown at him.

Could it be that there was a degree of truth to the issue, or, he was just so flattered and let people talk about his being a vampire? Surely most paranormal enthusiasts will busy themselves looking at proof that Nicolas Cage is indeed among the undead.

But there was also a catch on why the item was removed at It might be that the seller was caught trying to perpetrate a fraud. Or Cage himself bought the item to remove the evidence out from the public. Either way, the photograph does put things into perspective. (c) 2011

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