Famous Ghosts at Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle in Scotland is known for its impressive history. Even before the castle was constructed, this old land was the location of several historical occasions that have been dated back as far as the Picts’ habitation in the country. It was in this place that St. Fergus started his work of transforming the outrageous, lawless heathens to Christianity, and the Kings of Scots selected this abundant forest as a desired hunting place. In 1034 King Malcom II was killed from battle wounds in the early Glamis Castle, and Macbeth also came to sadness, as William Shakespeare’s popular dramatization unveils. Then in 1372 the land was given to John Lyon for his assistance to Robert II, the first Stewart King of Scots. Four years after, Lyon married the King’s princess and was eventually knighted. Because of so many events happened around the ancient castle, ghosts who are associated in the history of the place are also documented. Presently, it is reported that paranormal activity frequently takes place all over the historic castle.

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