Downtown Ottawa Store Will be the Venue of Paranormal Investigation

A team of paranormal investigators will visit the Riley’s Resale store this weekend to check out paranormal activity in the building. The store is located at 812 La Salle St., Ottawa and the group will come at around 10 in the evening on Saturday with plans to spend several hours in the building.

Co-owner of the store Bridget Worby claimed that she, her employees and former owners had paranormal experiences in the building involving a man and a seven year-old girl. Worby said that a psychic believed that the little girl is happy but the man feels the opposite. The psychic further revealed that the girl was trying to run away from the man.

Worby said that the coming paranormal investigation will be the third time in the building. She revealed that one group obtained a clear picture of the little girl. She further stated that around five years ago, a man who set up an audio equipment in the basement picked up voices. Paranormal investigators would likely bring infrared cameras and other paranormal equipment to help them detect and communicate with the ghosts. (c) 2011

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