Do Ghost of Loved Ones Could Say Goodbye Even After Death?

Crisis Apparition is a vision of persons, who at the time of their appearance are going through some type of crisis; for instance a serious illness, an injury or perhaps death. The theory regarding this paranormal phenomenon is that the affected person (the sender or agent), who is possibly sick or dying, transmits telepathically an image of themselves to a person who has a close connection with them. It is believed that in general the sender or agent is not conscious or not aware of delivering any message. Nevertheless, in the event of a death crisis, where the sender/agent actually dies, this paranormal phenomenon is evidently challenging to confirm. Apparitions that are witnessed hours after death are place in to the paranormal classification of “delayed” crisis apparitions. Some psychical researchers even go as far as to imply that the agent sent the image while still living even if they were at the actual stage of death.

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