Discoveries of Aliens on the Moon Still Subject for Confirmation

After Stephen Hawkins indicated the likelihood that alien life forms would exist in the solar system, it established abuzz in both scientific and paranormal community. Increasing proof from the Apollo astronauts themselves may perhaps imply that they had a near experience of the third kind- including none other than Neil Armstrong himself. When Apollo 11 arrived at the Moon, the triumphant astronauts rooted a flag, and looked for samples of rocks in the moon. However, according to sources within NASA, there was a paranormal event which was not published in relation to this mission- a near experience of the first kind.

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    I have heard mant theories, regarding aliens on the moon. It is very strange how Buzz Aldrin spoke about the encounter and was labelled a drunk. whilst Neil armstrong keeped his mouth closed, but has never appeared on tv since. There is alot that we are not told, but the truth is definatley out there

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