Clairvoyant Paranormal Hunter Helps People Both Living & Deceased

Lorraine Warren is pretty famous in helping people who feel something creepy and paranormal to get answers. Warren describes herself as someone who has extraordinary talent as psychic or clairvoyant. She claims to see someone’s aura that allows her to see the life spans of people. However, she declines to inform individuals when they will die.

Warren already performed a lot of paranormal investigations in her 60 years of service. Among the places of her investigations were Guntown Cemetery, Amityville Horror and Dudleytown. She already helped with exorcisms and witnessed a lot of paranormal activities. Meanwhile, her main goal is to help individuals who need assistance in managing undesirable energy and unacceptable activity in their properties.

Student at Southern Connecticut State University Stephanie Creager believes that Lorraine Warren is an extraordinary person as she uses her talent and skills about paranormal to assist both living and the dead people.

Lorraine was originally partnered with her late husband Ed Warren in investigating paranormal occurrences. They were both born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and lived in the place for the majority of their lives. They started their paranormal investigation adventures when they were still in their early twenties while touring around New England marketing paintings for their living.

There trips brought them to the world of paranormal upon encountering unusual events during their travel mostly in Connecticut. After the death of her husband in 2006, Warren continued her journey to paranormal and once made an appearance to the famous show “Paranormal State.” The Warrens have their very own museum displaying haunted objects they have collected over the years. (c) 2011

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