Boulder County Paranormal Society Explores the Highland Building

Hearing unexplained sound and paranormal activities usually trigger most individuals to call a team that could investigate such things. Employees at the Highland Building at 885 Arapahoe Ave. experienced something unusual after dark in which they think paranormal activities. So, they decided to contact Boulder County Paranormal Society team, their local and real version of “Ghostbusters.”
The paranormal team immediately answered the employees’ request to let their building explore. The team stayed in the building in the evening to have answers on the mysteries covering the building. Team members said that they are not similar to a paranormal group that people seen in television and they do not utilize proton packs.

One of the paranormal team members Joey Stanford said that the most difficult part is to show the public the real paranormal investigation and erase their perception which they get from television shows where people are just running around screaming.

Team leader Richard Estep said that his team is skeptical in terms of reported paranormal activities. He said that the team only considers the paranormal after thorough exploration of the place and after all possible natural things being considered.

Some Highland Building’s employees reported that they had witnessed doors opened without human intervention and lights turned on without any clear purpose. A woman even reported hearing female voice saying “Watch out” in one of the staircases.

With reports like these, the Boulder County Paranormal Society set-up their devices and sleeping bags to spend a night in the building for their paranormal investigation.

The team will review their evidences gathered during their paranormal investigation and will reveal the results after thorough analysis.

As the team entered the building, they started taking readings and began investigating every room including a storage unit. Estep said that most of the time, the reported paranormal activities were attributed to normal occurrences such as faulty wiring, loose bolts and creaky floorboards.

Estep mentioned that ninety to ninety-five percent of their investigation, they found nothing but they managed to give rational explanation. However, they also encountered occurrences which any of them cannot explain. Estep mentioned that he once heard disembodied footsteps moving towards him at Bailey school where a janitor committed suicide by hanging. He also receive strange message in his device that translates electronic wavelengths saying “paramedic.”

Stanford said they all have scary experiences and their creepy experiences drive them to take paranormal investigation seriously.

The team conducts paranormal investigation on an average of once a month and they do not charge for their services. (c) 2011

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