Amazing Stone Structures Visible From Above Believed to be the Work of Aliens

The Nazca lines are paranormal glyphs that cover for miles in a barren waterless desert. From the ground, they look to be nothing more than traces that extend out for wide ranges in unusual directions. On the other hand, from above, they immediately turn clear that the lines themselves are stylistic interpretations of humans, animals and geo-glyphs. Even without discounting the creative purpose of humanity, or its potential to create art for art’s sake, there are a couple of factors regarding art in general that do not quite apply to the Nazca lines. Art normally has an audience and whoever the audience was for these huge pictures, it cannot be waived that the audience had to observe them from the above to achieve the full benefit. The large majority of the lines appear like next to nothing at all, till observed from the air. This paranormal factor makes many think that the lines were intended to be seen from ancient aerial craft about 2,000 years ago.

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