Amazing Experiment on Electricity and the Paranormal

“Strange Mist” and “Strange Smoke” are terms used to describe at misty or smoky reflections captured on photographs at what people usually believe is a haunted location. It was said that there is no paranormal about these photographs as there are various natural occurrences that cause the reflections.

Some natural occurrences include the areas with water, moisture in the air, and gas releasing from the ground, which is commonly known as smoker’s amnesia. It turns out that what people commonly misinterpret as paranormal evidence may have another reason. The smoke on the photograph is known as “Electric Smoke.”

Recently, an experiment to determine the credibility of what people commonly mistake as paranormal evidence was conducted by Abel Garcia, founder of Global United Paranormal Research or GUPR of Bradenton, Florida researcher, and a Tampa Bay paranormal examiner.

In his experiment, Garcia has proven that the strange mist, smoke or other condensation in the atmosphere is none paranormal, instead, identified a possibility of “Electric Smoke.”
The “Electric Smoke” experiment was conducted to identify whether low levels of Gause (G) or milliGaus (mG) can create the “Electric Smoke” phenomenon.

Accordingly, the experiment was conducted to set the record straight. Paranormal enthusiasts need not applaud that mist or smoke captured in the past is anything paranormal. Reality reveals that “Electric Smoke” is the result of a reaction, in which the reaction is the manipulation of the available energy, such as electromagnetic radiation, electrical magnetic field, or other sources that causes the formation of “Electric Smoke.” The result of the experiment apparently means that there may be paranormal activity near the smoke, but the smoke definitely is not a source of the paranormal activity, but a simple bi-product. (c) 2011

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    when i was 13 i could predict some small accidents…like fallin of a glass…bt i became more vanerable to electrical shocks…n i avoided touching cooking pans..when i was in high school something went wrong… i couldnt get my physics elect expreriments right i discovered that my body was able to produce 1.86 amperes electricity …i later come to knw that this happens when am naverous or stressed…

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