Alien Invasion Will Happen In November 2011?

It could be that the most famous paranormal belief is that aliens have already been found, and that there are aliens existing at the military facility regarded as Area 51. A few paranormal ideas are certain that these aliens are managing the U.S. government while planning world control. Some allege pictures or videos of these aliens are revealed. They are recognized as Grays, have slender bodies, big heads and huge dark eyes. The intriguing paranormal factor is that these aliens are represented in pyramids and have frequently been documented by alien abductees.

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    This very stupid. There won’t be any invasion in November.

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      will there be invasion well let look at it this way man is on the verge of blowing his self up ,i see in this world one of greed the gap of rich & poor is so great some thing has to happen we all say this is mine this land etc but we are only borrowing it it belongs to god people that came before me it was there dream as it is now with me ,i am only borrowing it .yes i do have a sence of seeing things before they happen for the last 31years the government was inform but they let the people die ,like madeleine mccannn did i see her 4days before she went missing did i go to luz 4 time looking for her ,did i find her i say yes ,does anybody want to know no.i have a video of her who i say is her car reg number taken feb 2010 police say its not there job ,well what are they payed for,been waiting 4 months for reply david cameron regards 2million to re open case all i want is 20p for phone call to check the car reg number out proves it right or wrong .so if this is the type of people runing the world perhaps the invasion might be welcomed to get rid of the people at the top who do not care for a young girl call madeleine mccann

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