A Scientific Approach to Paranormal Search

Paranormal investigator Darren Davies and his team of ghost hunters in Queensland are using high-tech gear and careful historical research in their search for evidence on paranormal beings.
Davies is an investigator with a non-profit group, Paranormal Paratek, and has shown interest on the paranormal since in his childhood. He recalled growing up in a convict built lighthouse in Sydney where a known residential spirit live.

According to Davies, he had his first real paranormal experience when he was 14 yrs. old. His father has passed away in 2006, since then he started looking for scientific evidence of the spirit world.
Once, his 3yrs old niece was laughing and running around the house. When asked what she was doing, she replied that she was chasing after Davies’ father. He then realized that his father’s spirit was in the house.

He started buying specialized gear that records paranormal activity possible to make contact with the other side. The first step to investigation is to collect old newspaper clippings, or births, deaths, and marriages register.

The investigators have to find out who the ghost could be if there is by carefully researching the site’s history whether deaths occurred there, and gather some relevant data about the victim.
After the historical research is done, the team should move in with the electronic gear like the digital audio recorder, which picks up voices that human ears may not hear.

They also use full spectrum video and infrared video which enable a person see the full light spectrum that human eyes may not see. Motion and vibration sensors as well as heat-detecting cameras are used to seek out electromagnetic fields to build up a full picture of what is happening at the site.

When doing a night research, the rooms need to be sealed so a light breeze does not trigger sensitive motion detectors. The infrared cameras as well need to point away from each other so that there is no overlapping on the fields of vision, which eventually can cause interference.

A paranormal activity can also be determined through different levels of haunting. There is what they call an intelligent ghost which is self-aware, and there is also the simple noise which mindlessly replaying itself over and over again.

Simple noises are called residual haunting, which voices such as footsteps, shuffling of sounds, and musical instruments playing are heard over time.
A spirit or ghost that can interact with the living is an intelligent haunting. If audio devices have picked up actual answers to questions asked by the investigators, that becomes a level of intelligence.
According to Davies, the building itself can affect the paranormal activity inside, since some materials conduct electricity better than others and since spirit activity is a form of energy.
The group has its focus in Maryborough as of the moment since there are a lot of reports about old buildings there.

Davies said that not all of the buildings they investigated have haunting, some turn out to be hoaxes, and others are mundane things mistaken for paranormal phenomena.
The group has found enough promising material to keep up their investigations, such as the recorded audio voice of a former caretaker of a pub that has passed away.
The group will be visiting Ravenswood in late October and early November 2011 to investigate the town.


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