A Recent Sonar Image of Nessie Caught on Picture

The recent evidence about the paranormal that sprung up on the Internet is very subjective. It is the supposed sonar image of the controversial paranormal being at Loch Ness, dubbed as Loch Ness Monster, or simply Nessie.

Experts believe that the radar blip could be the controversial Loch Ness monster, despite the absence of the trademark elongated neck and the signature green humps that were among the paranormal reports since 1934.

The sonar image depicts an object of about 5ft in length and was surrounded with fish. A pleasure boat skipper named Marcus Atkinson took the picture of the radar reading while waiting for his customers at Urquhart Castle, in Inverness-shire, Scotland. Atkinson, having spent all his life in Loch Ness waters, swore that he never seen anything like that before.

He said that the image kept getting bigger and bigger, which made him sure that it was not a shoal of fish. He was so amazed to what he saw, so he grabbed his mobile phone and took a picture before the image disappeared from the screen. The image depicted in Marcus Atkinson’s picture shows a cross-section of the loch, and at the top right of the picture is the boat itself.

At the bottom right of the sonar screen is the bottom of the loch, the whole bright green area which rises as the boat gets closer to the shore. The tiny green flashes that spread across the monitor are deepwater fish. What caught the most interest is the long, thin streak between the 20 and 25 meters depth markers that somewhat looks like a propeller. Its measurement shows that the object is about 5 feet thick, though there is no way of telling its length as it is moving, as if it was following the boat. It would just show up on every blip of the sonar.

The paranormal world has not heard about Nessie for quite some time, which made some people believe that the Loch Ness monster has long been dead. So, what triggered its sudden come back? Is it the pleasure boat skipper’s way of encouraging more visitors to the Loch, or, the supposed monster itself has made its presence felt?

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