A Closer Look of Paranormal Phenomena in Armenia’s Stonehenge

A stone circle found in an Armenian mountain may in fact be the oldest observatory in the world. The 204 stones near the city of Sissian have been attributed with paranormal beliefs and rarely associated with astronomical circles.

The Armenian Stonehenge is estimated to be approximately 7,500 years old where at the structure’s center stands the stone circle. The stone structure challenges the very dating of early astronomy causing a debate in scientific and astrological circles.

Given the theory on the dating of the stones at Karahundj predate England’s Stonehenge is true, it will cause a conflict on the Babylonian’s claim for being the first astronomers. The controversial dating of the stones could even confirm what other people already thought that the birthplace of the zodiac was in Armenia and possibly the origin of navigation and the concept of time.

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