5 mysterious cases of 2011 and 2012, 2011 solved

Jerusalem UFO Video
A video of an UFO was dispersed around the world after it was caught in the act just weeks after of 2011. There was a glowing light suspended sky-scraping above the ancient Islamic Shrine in Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock, which was caught in January 28.

This was advertised after 2 different person filmed at the same time in different angle.

“Holy Smoke — UFO in Jerusalem…Dome of the Rock Jerusalem light all proof UFO fans need that aliens exist…Credible? Jerusalem UFO footage captured from multiple viewpoints.” by Ian O’Neill.

Many had reacted and concluded that it was faked. Even some UFO believers do not believe on it. MUFON cooperates with the investigation believing that the captured video was legitimate.

The Mysterious Magnetic Boy
After the news about the UFO on Jerusalem dispersed, another mystery appeared in February. A 7-year-old boy from Serbia County, Bogdan showed himself revealing his magnetic ability.

Metallic found in the household like spoon, fork and knives bonded to his skin in an effortless, plates and glass bonded to him too. It was pointed out that it was not magnetism but only caused by skin friction since not all of them bonded were metallic.

The Beast of Gévaudan
Many have believed that way back to 1760’s, it was a beast that killed peasants, farmers and shepherds on a French Countryside. Jay M. Smith who wrote the Monsters of the Gévaudan resolved the case concluding that it was a consisted wolf attack.

The Chupacabra
After the Beast of Gévaudan was resolved, another case of Puerto Rico and Latin American claimed that there was a Bizarre Vampire which was became known Chucapbra (a Spanish name of Goat Sucker). According to those who had seen the vampire, Chucapbra has two legs, 4-5 feet tall and a spiky dorsal. It has an alien-like head with red or black eyes.

After the original eyewitness description became the “Standard” Chupacabra was shown to have confused a monster from the 1995 horror thriller Species for something she saw in real life, then the case solved.

The Russian Extraterrestrial
After the breaking news about the UFO in Jerusalem, another discovery of an alien body in Russia was reported. “On its side with its mouth slightly agape, the slender, badly damaged body lies half-buried in snow close to Irkutsk, Russia.” The daily mail story

The video capturing an alien was the most viewed video. The case was solved after 2 Russian teens confessed to the authorities that it was faked.
2012 5 mysterious cases

Thousands of Bee deaths
Since 2006, 20%-40% bees died on an unexplainable reason which they call it the collapse of the bees. Biologists were alarmed for years. Many explanations were proposed; some of them theorized that it was caused by cell phone signal radiation and due to climate change while some insisted that their cause of death were due to fungi and viruses called Nosema ceranae.

Thus, this phenomenon is unknown; no one could ever give critical analyses about the deaths. Even scientist couldn’t figure it out. Case still unresolved.

Faster Than the Speed of Light Experiments
The discovery of Neutrinos which was faster than the speed of light was an ice breaker of the year. After a laboratory test done by physicists at CERN laboratory last September 17, they found out by shooting a Neutrinos sub-particle from Switzerland to Italy that the sub-particle exceeded the speed of light. And for the second time, they got the same result.

Many had reacted that it was impossible and do violated the Law of Physics. Thus, this experiment may lead us to a modern transportation covering many light-years and even will deal with time machine.

The Impact of the BP Oil Spill
Until now, scientist couldn’t answer the question, what would be the effect of 2010 BP Oil spill in Mexico? Everyone could say that it would destroy the ecosystem as well as the wildlife, local economy and tourism.

“Nearly a year after the spill began, it seems clear that the worst-case scenario never came true. It’s not that the oil spill had no lasting effects — far from it — but the ecological doomsday many predicted clearly hasn’t taken place…. the damage does seem so far to have been less than feared.” from Time Magazine’s article.

Much of the oil remained in the Gulf as followed up by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and other scientist. But it was confirmed by an independent scientific studies that the Gulf was cleared out of oil but oils were found on breaches and ocean floor.

It was the largest Oil spill in the history and yet unsolved.

The Discovery of Earth-like Planet
It was confirmed in January of an Earth-liked existence. It was said be a one and a half size of our planet. It was found beyond our solar system and was named Kepler-10b.

According to the astronomers, the Earth-liked planet may already sustain life or it is just too hot to sustain a life. In December, Kepler-22b was found, a 600 light-years away from our planet that is twice the size of our planet.

“A planet about twice the size of Earth has been confirmed to exist right in the middle of the ‘habitable zone’ around its star, which is much like our own… this is the first time such a life-friendly alien planet has been confirmed.”

Astronomers every year are finding an Earth-liked planet, and yet, no one of its discovery has left an evidence of extraterrestrial life. The hunt for Life outside our planet is unsolved.

Doomsday on 2012
Rumours were dispersed about the end of the world by December. As the Mayan and Gregorian calendar end on 2012, many had believed that 2012 is the time of obliteration and a start of a new life.

According to some scientist, it is so silly to believe on a limited calendar. As soon as there is no signs of Earth’s termination or obliteration, we will still live.

The prophecy of 2012’s end of the world stays fictional.

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