False Werewolf Alert: Naked Man Attacks People and Cars during a Moonlight Rampage


Czech Republic, March 2016 – For centuries, people have been enticed by wolves. Try thinking of the fairy tales and nursery rhymes that involve a wolf. Remember the times were humans dared to sit with their friends to watch a scary werewolf film. Men with a cunning lure and roving eyes are called wolves. But not all are “big bad wolf” as opposed to the metaphors. Wolves represent a spirited and wild freedom. They are strong, cunning, and can endure the wilderness. Despite consistent critical condemnation, found-footage horror still has a place in modern Hollywood box office numbers that count. In a similar vein to the Paranormal Activity and the like, Werewolf does the same thing, but different. A lycanthrope or werewolf is a folkloric or mythological human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or wolf-like creature, either after being placed under an affliction or curse.

With regards to the true-to-life story, there were no reported humans that can transform into wolves. Those in the films were just fictional. Though it sounds fictional, it seems like drugs are taking a toll on the human life these days. The recent report is an excellent example of that. This odd incident took place on Tuesday in Kladno, Czech Republic. It is the horrible moment to see when a naked man, thinking he was a werewolf, terrorized the public and police during a moonlight rampage.

As spotted on the CCTV footage, the man covered in blood and chasing the people, while sounding like a wild animal. It then shows that the man has leaped into the car, smashing the screen, and attacking the officers. The officers were heard shouting in horror and confusion as they tried to subdue the wild man desperately. Since the wolf teaches people to pattern their lives, to be supportive and loyal, it is without a doubt that the images of wolves stir the souls.

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