Antarctica Mystery: The Discovery of Huge Pyramid-like Structure

A pyramid is a structure whose external surfaces are triangular. The base of a pyramid can be quadrilateral, trilateral, or polygon shape. In other words, the pyramid has three outer triangular surfaces at the very least. The common version is the square pyramid, where there are a square base and four triangular external surfaces. Without a doubt, pyramids are one of the most popular structures that are written in the history. The term usually relates to Egypt, but now it seems like Egypt is not the only place that has it. Is this truth or a myth? The same goes in the case of aliens and extraterrestrial beings; a pyramid-like structure remains a mystery in Antarctica.


Antarctica is the Earth’s southernmost continent that contains the geographic South Pole. It is located within the Antarctic region. Since the discovery of “Pyramids,” stories about these mysterious structures have lead interest among ufologists and researchers. As a matter of fact, countless of theories have emerged to propose different explanations regarding these “structures.” The said theories range from secret military bases, alien constructions, the advanced technology used by the ancient civilizations while others firmly believe that the pyramids are natural formations. Regrettably, this matter has yet to be denied or confirmed since there were no official sources to look into. However, are there pyramids in Antarctica? Yes, pyramids do exist in Antarctica. Despite the lack of substantial evidence, some believe that an alien technology builds them from an ancient civilization. Others, on the other hand, believe they are just naturally forming, called glacial horns or pyramidal peaks. They added that erosion has caused them.

With the use of Google Earth, the existence of a massive pyramid-like structure has been seen. Whether or not it is indeed a Pyramid, this will serve as proof that the ice-covered place used to be warm necessary for the ancient civilization to live there. The discovery of these pyramids has led to speculations regarding what Antarctica was in the past.

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