Triangular-shaped UFO Hovering in the Sky Drives Arkansas Witness Away


Unidentified Flying Object is anything unrecognizable that hovers in the sky. These flying objects are not necessarily connected or related to liens. While not all man-made objects are ascertainable, there are those that are considered natural. Being natural means absolutely no human effort. Be it Europe or America, UFOs can be found around the world. Therefore, Malvern is not an exception to the rule. Malvern is a city situated in Arkansas with a population of at least 10,318. There are only a few reported strange encounters in this town, but residents started to wonder if the place is a hotspot of extraterrestrial beings.

On the 15th day of December, the witness was driving along a road heading to his friend’s home. About an hour before the sundown, he noticed a triangular-shaped object hovering above the trees passing his destination. Due to the mysterious nature of the object, he drove for fear but kept his eyes laid on the odd object. Unlike the man-made creation, the hovering object had unusual lighting. The witness believed that the object observed his movement due to the two bright headlights with a blue shade that pointed straight at him. The lights bear a resemblance to the two square eyes.

Soon after, the witness lost his sight of the object. According to the witness, the treeline blocked his view when he drew closer. An hour after the dark, he saw the afterburners of the fighter jet in the military heading south with no lights. As per his calculations, the object is about 150 to 200 feet wide. However, the duration of sitting there has not been determined. It was on March 31, 2010, that the case was reported, and was further investigated after that. Since no substantial evidence would support the existence of any extraterrestrial spacecraft or humanoid being, many people viewed it as a hoax.

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