Sky Harbor Employee Spots A Noiseless UFO At The Airport

It was late Tuesday night at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix when a strange glow caught the attention of an employee while taking trash to a Dumpster located just outside the air-traffic-control tower. The witness reportedly observed a massive V-shaped object hovering off the ground with light emanating from the bottom.

The witness noticed the light first and then saw a large, mysterious flying object. The alleged sighting took place at around 9 in the evening on March 1 at Terminal 4 but only reported recently to Mutual UFO Network.

As the object moved, the airport employee observed it traveling over to the Sky Train Station until he lost sight of the lights. He believed it was alien, but he was not afraid of it. The witness said that he did not feel anything, but shock as he tried to figure out what had just transpired.


He included an illustration of what he spotted along with the report. The entire sighting lasted for approximately five minutes. He felt calm and no danger or apprehension during and after the unusual event. He was just amused of a large object that moved without making any noise.

The sighting is just one of hundreds of UFO reports in Arizona, making the place as one of the most favorite UFO sighting destinations. One of the most famous strange sightings in the state is the Phoenix Lights, which lasted for three hours on the evening of March 13, 1997.

Arizona MUFON is currently investigating the airport sighting. The organization received 340 UFO sightings from the state last year, and 12 of them were considered to be unidentifiable.

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