Shocking Truth Revealed from Winston Churchill’s X-Files


As per the declassified documents, it revealed that the Britain’s great wartime prime minister requested special team called the Flying Saucer Working Party to catch the truth behind the increasing alien sightings. The official report explained the different observations, including strange objects over US capital Washington DC incidents. In a deathbed confession, the personal bodyguard of Churchill accused his boss of concealing a close encounter by the RAF itself. To recall, RAF pilots started reporting mysterious encounters with aircraft called “foo fighters.” The report took place towards the end of World War 2. Clueless officials presumed that they were German weapons. However, they started questioning their existence when they remained after the end of the war. The mysterious point is, it even increased. On the other side of explanation, the Nazis developed bizarre aircraft that looked bears a resemblance to the flying saucers.

It was in July 1952 that the US Air Force fighter jets had scrambled after they find out that radar detected several unidentified objects flying over the White House. On July 28, 1952, Churchill sent a memo for an urgent investigation. The note known as the Churchill Memorandum was directing toward the question of the existence of the flying saucers. The top secret group set up to look into the alien sightings, alleging that an aircraft of extraterrestrial origin should not be eliminated. However, since all sighting is still subject to judgment and opinions, it was more likely the sightings were just typical aircraft, birds, balloons, or other natural phenomena. In 1999, the grandson of a retired RAF officer inquired about an incident in which Churchill banned the reporting of every strange encounter. Whatever you believe as to what the encounter should be, conspiracy theorists suggest the British Establishment hid proof that aliens have visited Earth. This year, the MoD is set to release a cache of classified alien files.

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