Metallic UFO Spotted Over Turkish Sea: Does It Mean Anything?

ufo-turkeyAccording to a survey conducted, one out of seven Americans claimed they or they knew someone who had an experience of a UFO. There have been many cases of sightings ever since the 1940s and they continue to exist today. In these decades, most sightings were spotted during daytime and were in close range, when surface and shape features could be distinguished, thus creating an identification of the typical sights effortless.  So what proof do we have in that existence? Why do people believe that they have seen them, or that others have? Let’s examine the ‘proof.’

A perplexed photographer firmly believed that he could have been contributed a conclusive photo of a flying saucer when he snapped a door in a metallic silver color. When he tried to take the sixth picture, he could not find the mysterious object anymore. He was using his Cannon 450D digital SLR camera. This model has a zoom lens. He was staying on April 3 at a hotel in the Turkish resort of Kemer, Antalya. According to him, he was sitting and talking with the family. The object appeared shiny with strange movements. At first, the object appeared like a helium filled a metallic balloon that moved in the Northern direction, and then came back and hovered. The photographer was able to take five shots with his Canon. The sighting caused a buzz on the alien websites. Since the strange-looking object hovered above the sea, it was caught cruising over the sea. According to other witnesses, it looked like a toasted sandwich maker flying.

The investigation of the sighting was being investigated by the world’s biggest organization in case it belongs to a historical proof of alien hunters who have been seeking for years. The witness reported the sighting and sent pictures to the USA-based network, which has opened a case file. There have been different reactions by commentators. While many people believed in the existence of extraterrestrial beings, there are those that debunked them.

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