Massive UFO Caught On Camera Emerging From Clouds


A video footage of an apparent large alien aircraft surfacing from behind the clouds made the rounds online. It shows a seemingly massive dark steel object with a rough exterior and appearing to have windows.

The UFO in question bears a striking resemblance to various alien spacecraft depicted in multi-billion dollar Hollywood movies.

YouTube username Misterio Canal, who posted the video online, claimed that he recorded the activity of the so-called spaceship by chance as he just wanted to record a time-lapse video in the sky above Peru.

Misterio Canal noted that the area is a UFO hotbed as there are various other reports of UFO sightings in there, including white objects hovering in the sky.

After viewing the footage, some UFO enthusiasts and observers were convinced the video is legit and shows proof that UFOs do hide within clouds of their making. They stated that the UFO appears to be made from a non-reflective black material that can also be found in buildings.

Some viewers of the video think it could be proof of time travelers. They said that the UFO could be from the future and came to prevent something from happening.

However, skeptical viewers agree to one comment saying that the object is completely mirrored from top to bottom.

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