Horseshoe-Shaped UFO Appears On Live Cam

nasa ufo

A horseshoe UFO has been spotted in a live ISS feed, but as usual, the streaming went down suddenly. Conspiracy theorists have been accusing NASA of an alien cover up every time an alleged sudden cut off of a live feed showing mysterious thing takes place.

The latest controversy involves a strange U-shaped object floating on the horizon of the International Space Station.

Conspiracy theorists claim NASA cut off the live streaming intentionally after the bright blue object appeared very near to the space station.

Some even gone with the suggestion of halting NASA’s funding because of its great alien deception.

Alien hunter Tyler Glockner uploaded the video to YouTube channel secureteam10. According to Tyler, the UFO seems to change position when playing the video quickly. In the first look, one might think that it’s more on its side, but after cycling through the footage, it seems to be moving more on its face.

Glockner alleged NASA of a cover-up as the screen goes blue and that the space agency has been doing this kind of activity every time a UFO appears on the feed. He added that NASA monitors these feeds, but there are times when they’re not quick enough, and UFOs appear in a short period.

The YouTube channel has been documenting a lot of UFO sightings near the space station for years. However, NASA has explained that these UFOs are just reflections from the spacecraft structure, station windows, or lights from Earth that look as artefacts in videos and photos from the orbiting laboratory.

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