CERN Wormhole Caused This Mysterious “Floating Cities”


Though discussions of these strange sightings continue, and there has been audio recordings and photo documentation, it is still difficult to know whether or not these circumstances or objects were indeed from space. While many people perceive it as “fata morgana,” an inquisitor believed that the latest city sighting has unnatural origins. Fata Morgana is an optical illusion, same goes to the floating city, which was witnessed by stunned Dalian residents who stopped to snap and gawk photographs of the ghost city along with skyscrapers that loomed in fog. In China, there is a latest incident that is believed to be a floating city or a ghost. These latest floating cities have sparked the attention of conspiracy theories with regards to the parallel universe through the inter-dimensional portal of a small black hole made by CERN scientists. These professionals were believed to be conducting experiments using the Large Hadron Collider.  The meteorologists, however, dismissed the theory claiming that the latest China incident is a natural phenomenon called Fata Morgana.

This massive “floating city” was seen hovering in 2011 over Huangshan City in the province of China. Conspiracy theorists were scared that opening a portal would lead to catastrophic consequences. Despite the scholarly explanation, conspiracy theorists believed that “floating cities” could be a sign that the Illuminati elite is implementing Project Blue Beam deception to trick people. The sole purpose is to see how individuals would react when the New World Order applies their greatest agenda.  According to Serge Monast, the Project Blue Beam is a plan to take over the world through holographic image projection technology. Monast is a Quebecois conspiracy theorist, and his explanation is to trigger the second coming of Jesus Christ. Some theory claimed that the NWO would simulate an alien invasion. However, the editor of the conspiracy theory blog Scott C. Waring has speculated that this platform might be linked to extraterrestrial beings and aliens.

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