Bright ‘UFO’ Lights in Russia: Is This a Sign of Alien Invasion

Siberia-ufoNo question about it, the debate continues about unidentified flying objects, more commonly referred to as UFOs. One thing cannot be argued about is the fact that thousands of Russians have claimed to have seen strange lights. According to UFO experts, there are many proofs of alien life today when a footage of lights in the sky emerged last month. As per the short clip, which was recorded in Russia’s capital, it shows several orbs of light making their way across the sky.  Talk about strange sightings; the world has been sitting on the edge of their seats when they heard the news that Russia is also a hot spot of aliens and extraterrestrials.

Recently, there is a footage of giant luminous orb, but many people believe that it could be an alien or extraterrestrial sphere traveling over Russia. It was a strange ball of bright light that was spotted gliding over a Siberian field. At the first glance on the shaky film, the object appears to be coming towards the camera, before hiding in the trees nearby Novosibirsk, which is the Siberia’s largest city. This light is associated with thunderstorms that last longer than the familiar split-second flash. The person behind the camera has quickly identified it, although he did not witness the previous phenomenon. Until now, the strange atmospheric electrical phenomenon has not been fully understood by scientists.  Even the researchers do not know what the ball lightning is made of and how it reached the area. The researchers also realized that elements are found in the local soil – iron, silicon, and calcium – were present in the ball lightning.  Again, these sightings are specific to Russia. Virtually every state and several other countries share these similar experiences. Whether you are a believer in these things or not, a lot of unanswered questions remained.

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