Aerial Activity Of Reflective UFOs Recorded Over Seattle


A man from Washington captured a video of two reflective square UFOs. The witness noticed two stationary points of lights in the sky on daylight hours of June 21, 2016. While keeping an eye on the two mysterious aerial objects, he asked a co-worker to get his bag, which his camera was held.

He doesn’t believe that both objects had their own light, but rather reflected the sunlight. He revealed that he attempted to zoom in his camera to the UFOs, but found it difficult since they were tiny, giving the camera a hard time focusing in on them.

The witness eventually managed to zoom in one of the two and focused on it long enough. However, he had no idea of the craft’s identity.

Both of these mysterious things slowly went behind the building. As the witness was about to put away his camcorder, he saw the same objects again. The witness was not sure if the original two objects came back to where he started seeing them or saw another two objects that he did not notice earlier. The two eventually drifted behind the building too, according to the witness.

When he reviewed the video back home, he noticed two highly reflective objects with sharp edges. He described them as flying objects with two long, squared pillars and a short bar in the middle, forming like a capital letter H.

The witness’ testimony can be accessed in Case 77300 of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) reporting database.

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    There were a number of frames throughout the video where Mufon could have really zoom in on enough to get at least one high resolution photo. if not for their research then for people who would be interested in seeing a good photo so they can rule out the number of possibilities these could be.

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