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No question about it, the debate continues about unidentified flying objects, more commonly referred to as UFOs. One thing cannot be argued about is the fact that thousands of Russians have claimed to have seen strange lights. According to UFO experts, there are many proofs of alien life today when a footage of lights in
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A man from Washington captured a video of two reflective square UFOs. The witness noticed two stationary points of lights in the sky on daylight hours of June 21, 2016. While keeping an eye on the two mysterious aerial objects, he asked a co-worker to get his bag, which his camera was held. He doesn’t
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May 21, 2012; paranormal news – Amazing footage of UFO activity in the sky above Rotorua in New Zealand. watch the video and read full witness report >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

May 9, 2012; paranormal news – Amazing video of so-called fastwalkers was recorded in the night sky above Hurst in Texas on this Wednesday. watch the video >> eFastwalkers.com

Paranormal news: UFOs over Russia

May 3, 2012; paranormal news – Multiple bright and flashing unknown objects were seen and recorded in the night sky above Russia this Thursday. watch the video >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net