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FX Expert Says Sweden Flying Saucer Not a Fake

Hollywood FX specialist said the daytime flying saucer recorded over Sweden in February 2012 is not a fake. read the whole article and watch the original video, analysis of this paranormal footage and interview with the witness >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

Strange UFO activity over Russia

March 2012; paranormal news – daytime UFOs were recorded raining down above the city of Murmansk in north Russia earlier this month >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net


December 29, 2011; paranormal news – Strange UFO activity was seen and recorded in the night sky over Paita in Peru this Thursday. watch the video >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

Disc-shaped UFO over Oakland, CA

November 22, 2011; paranormal videos – Strange bright flying saucer was recorded this Tuesday in the night sky above Oakland in California. watch the video >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

UFO flying over New Orleans

November 12, 2011; paranormal videos – This UFO fleet was seen and recorded in the sky above New Orleans in Louisiana this Saturday. watch the video >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net


November 8, 2011; paranormal videos – UFO activity recorded over Phoenix in US state Arizona. watch the video and read full witness report >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

UFO activity over Florida

October 20, 2011; paranormal – New videos of UFO activity in the sky above Sunrise in Florida. watch the video and read the witness report >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

Cylindrical UFO over Brazil

September 28, 2011; paranormal news – Famous cigar-shaped daytime UFO video recorded in Brazil last month and footage of the similar object caught on tape earlier this year in UK. watch >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net