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Triangle formation over London

May 2, 2012; paranormal news – Strange UFO activity was seen and recorded in the sky above London in UK this Wednesday. watch the video >>

Rescue Mediums - Halifax

The city of Halifax has been a temporary home to sailors from around the world for hundreds of years. Sometimes, with sailors, other industries crop up when they take their shore leave. Often industries run by females. This looks to be the long-past history of this old Halifax home! But something far more frightening is
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Ghostly Sightings in Carew

Another interesting paranormal activity has been reported near Carew. Spooky sighting involves a ghostly boy pulling a cart. There are reports that he makes his presence known before disappearing. One witness claimed he saw the boy running fast across the road and quickly disappeared.Another interesting paranormal activity has been reported near Carew. Spooky sighting involves
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Ghosts Welcome Movie Casts and Crews at Rookery House in Birmingham

Rookery House in Erdington, Birmingham has been visited by different psychics and paranormal investigators because of reported paranormal activities. The staff and crews of the film “The Casebook of Eddie Brewer” also experience a creepy environment inside the house and one of the actresses heard a creepy sound when she used the toilet upstairs. The
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The Most Compelling Evidence For Aliens Mysteriously Disappeared

Nick Pope, formerly a government UFO investigator, revealed how officials were preventing the best picture of paranormal metallic spacecraft to come out to the public. The said spacecraft was photographed above Calvine in Perthshire. However, the photo mysteriously disappeared under the custody of the Ministry of Defence, according to Pope. Pope is claiming that the
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A Man Made His Presence Felt After Over a Century Since He Died

Paranormal activity has been observed in the famous pub in Birmingham, West Midlands. Trocadero, a famous city bar, was run by Henry Skinner who shot dead because of issues in wages to his employees. For over a century after his death, he reportedly made his presence felt at the pub. He reportedly knocked over glasses
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Ghost Hunters Investigate Former City Hotel

Paranormal activities in a former hotel were investigated by psychic medium. The medium claimed she was talking to spirits and got answers from them on spooky mysteries that were reported by the owners and residents. The medium not only got answers from spirits, she also gave peace of mind to the owners and residents after
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Local Ghost Hunters in Liverpool Invite the Public to Come With Them

Paranormal loving individuals or just curious about paranormal investigations have a chance to join Liverpool-based Night Vision Investigators team on its quest to find evidence on the existence of ghosts or spirits. Participants have a chance to experience what it takes to become a real ghost hunter. The team allows participants to use their equipment
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