Paranormal Texas

Ghost Children at the Train Tracks in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas is one of the places with a lot of urban legends and paranormal activities. One of the famous one is the train tracks in downtown San Antonio. The place is famous of children that love to push off the vehicle near the area away from the train tracks. Urban legend says that
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February 1, 2012; paranormal news – A police car camera captured strange fireball flying across the night sky over Texas. This UFO was also seen by many witnesses. watch the TV report >>


October 1, 2011; paranormal videos – Strange stationary flashing lights were recorded in the night sky above Keller, Texas ealrier this month. watch the video >>

Fast UFOs over Texas

October 1, 2011; paranormal– New video of fastwalker UFOs above Texas city Keller filmed this Saturday. watch the video with witness’s report >>