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Extraterrestrial Site Visit Carried Out by the National Space Agency (Angkasa) Early in 2012

Paranormal is something that can’t be explained by science and no concrete evidence in its existence. As part of its efforts to find evidence of extraterrestrials or UFOs, National Space Agency (Angkasa) conducted extraterrestrial site visit in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. According to Angkasa’s head and scientific officer Mohd Zamri Shah Mastor, over 10,000 villagers felt
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Oak Island’s Hidden Treasure

There are things that are uncommon to the eye of individuals. Some may describe them as paranormal since they can be usual or rare. People have been so familiar with how treasures are found in movies, books and in other fictional scenes. But treasures are never been a lie but they can remain mysterious. In
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An Aluminum Object Aging 20,00 Years Old

Paranormal theories have been part of people’s lives. One theory that continues to exist and raise doubts is the existence of an ancient and advanced civilization in India. Some archaeologists are bothered why there are high radioactivity levels in an ancient city in the northern part of India. Many believe that there was an occurrence
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Possible Places of Alien Life

Paranormal – Existence of extraterrestrial life continues to be in paranormal category. Scientists still yet to find evidence on alien life. Different research has been conducted using advanced technology just to look for places capable of holding life outside from planet Earth. Biology and chemistry considerations are the major factors in searching for extraterrestrial life.
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The Paranormal – Fact or Fiction?

What is paranormal? Majority of us denote paranormal with hauntings and ghosts. However, it doesn’t end there. It’s a common illustration for everything that we can’t fully explain. Paranormal consists of poltergeists, witchcraft, psychokinesis, voodoo, telepathy, faith healing, the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs and pyramids. These all fall to the category of unexplained phenomenon. A captured
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Ghost Hunter Ready to Live Life After Ghosts

One of the paranormal hunters in Syfy’s reality television program “Ghost Hunters” puts down his paranormal investigation equipment on May 16, 2012. He is now settling into his new reality which is living his life with family without hectic schedule due to his commitment in the long running reality hit show. However, he can’t leave
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Theory of Extraterrestrial Visitations with Fermi Paradox

Paranormal beliefs about extraterrestrials and UFOs have been around for so many years. Extraterrestrials beliefs are still classified in paranormal since there is no clear evidence yet on their existence. There are many theories that support extraterrestrials visitations and Fermi Paradox always has a share with those theories. read full article >>