Paranormal activity


No question about it, the debate continues about unidentified flying objects, more commonly referred to as UFOs. One thing cannot be argued about is the fact that thousands of Russians have claimed to have seen strange lights. According to UFO experts, there are many proofs of alien life today when a footage of lights in
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Possible Nigerian Perspectives on the Existence of Ghost

Paranormal happenings are common in believers of ghosts. However, if these paranormal claims would be investigated thoroughly, there is a possibility that some of the claims are fraud. Some people use paranormal as their way of getting money from believers. Beliefs and cultures may also one of the factors affecting economic development. continue reading >>
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Ghost Walk with Sevier County Historians

Paranormal curious people living around Sevier County have a chance to join ghost tours and experience paranormal activity organized by Sevier County Public Library System. The tours are headed by Sevier County historians and offer stories about some of the famous local ghost. The ghost adventures are part of Summer Reading Program organized by Sevier
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CSI Team Gears Up to Investigate Ghost Reports at The Hippodrome

Cambridgeshire-based paranormal investigators are planning to conduct its major paranormal hunt at Hippodrome, which is now home to a Wetherspoon’s Pub. The plan come after contractors who are doing the refurbishment reported paranormal happenings in the building. The planned investigation will hold experiments that everyone can have a chance to join. read the whole article
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Alcatraz: The Haunted Prison

Alcatraz has been noted of paranormal activities mainly involve notorious ghosts. Psychics said that spirits can be traced back from the civil war in this place. Captives during the civil war were put to prison on this little island. After several years, Prison Department took over the management of the prison from U.S. military. Despite
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Extraterrestrial Contact Can Be Attained Through Human’s Consciousness?

Meditation is not quite paranormal. Psychologists agree that human consciousness is so powerful that it can take one to the other world well, not literally, but some groups of people mean it literally. Meditation can even bring one to the other world and that extraterrestrial encounter is possible. read the whole article >>

Abstract on Ghosts

Paranormal enthusiasts would say ghost is true while skeptics would say that ghost is merely a result of an imagination of a person when his mind is so exhausted. Meanwhile, scientists would say that signs of ghost can be explained scientifically such as the light of a moving car that hit a window of a
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Ghost Hunting Basics

Paranormal activity can be best verified with ghost investigation. Evidences from paranormal activity should be properly documented to get proper interpretation. There are many things to consider prior doing any paranormal exploration. It is necessary to have complete kit for paranormal hunting and enough knowledge of ghosts or spirits to understand such paranormal events. read
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