nasa ufo

A horseshoe UFO has been spotted in a live ISS feed, but as usual, the streaming went down suddenly. Conspiracy theorists have been accusing NASA of an alien cover up every time an alleged sudden cut off of a live feed showing mysterious thing takes place. The latest controversy involves a strange U-shaped object floating
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Extraterrestrial Site Visit Carried Out by the National Space Agency (Angkasa) Early in 2012

Paranormal is something that can’t be explained by science and no concrete evidence in its existence. As part of its efforts to find evidence of extraterrestrials or UFOs, National Space Agency (Angkasa) conducted extraterrestrial site visit in Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. According to Angkasa’s head and scientific officer Mohd Zamri Shah Mastor, over 10,000 villagers felt
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The Reclassification of UFOs; no more flying discs

Although the acronym UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, its definition seems to be too broad. The term Unidentified Flying Object was created to identify what since 1947 have been known as disc like shaped aerial vehicles capable of flying at light, if not faster than light speed, making sharp 90 degree turns in an
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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has only just begun

Paranormal news -The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has only just begun after NASA scientists discovered radio signal frequency. The Paranormal belief may end up and would become a theoretical science as the first radio signal was discovered and would strengthen the belief of alien existence on extraterrestrial civilization. Over 700 exoplanets existed on other stars
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