What are you doing when you are doing nothing at all? Scientists have discovered that when humans are doing mental tasks, adding or subtracting, taking tests, some areas of their brains are active. When some areas become active, scientists have discovered that other parts of the brain become dark. The frontal, parietal and temporal lobes
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Possible Nigerian Perspectives on the Existence of Ghost

Paranormal happenings are common in believers of ghosts. However, if these paranormal claims would be investigated thoroughly, there is a possibility that some of the claims are fraud. Some people use paranormal as their way of getting money from believers. Beliefs and cultures may also one of the factors affecting economic development. continue reading >>
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Ghost Stories on Elvis Presley

Paranormal happenings regarding Elvis Presley’s ghost have been reported by several different people despite rumors that he faked his own death. There were reports about his ghost in his former home in Memphis. Also, many people claimed they caught the ghost of Elvis in pictures staring from the window of his former home. There were
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Ghost Hunting Basics

Paranormal activity can be best verified with ghost investigation. Evidences from paranormal activity should be properly documented to get proper interpretation. There are many things to consider prior doing any paranormal exploration. It is necessary to have complete kit for paranormal hunting and enough knowledge of ghosts or spirits to understand such paranormal events. read
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Generic Types of Ghosts

Paranormal involves different types of ghosts. How do they differ? What process before a person becomes a ghost? Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) specifically documented and described various types of ghost. They differ according to their spiritual energy. continue reading >>

Do You Believe in Paranormal Events?

Many of us are still in doubt of whether paranormal activities are true or not. At some point, people believe that these activities probably occur because of the fact that there are some things in the world that cannot be explained. So the question is: are paranormal activities true? Here, I write down some possibilities
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How Can You Get Rid Of Ghosts In Your House?

Have you ever noticed any sign of paranormal activity in your home? Paranormal activity can also be dealt with paranormal method. If you want to get rid of ghosts or spirits in your home, try a few of the paranormal methods that are believed to be effective in repelling ghosts. The simplest method is to
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What Are Ghost?

Paranormal activity has believers and skeptics. Most of people who are skeptics on paranormal never had experience in any kind of paranormal activity while the believers are opposite. For believers, ghosts can come in different forms either scary or friendly. For skeptics, ghosts are just purely product of imagination. So, what are ghosts really? read
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What Are Ghosts Made Of?

Paranormal world is a big dimension that even believers have different theories on the composition of ghosts. Some believe that ghosts are made up of energy and can only manifest themselves once they can gather enough energy from several sources including humans, batteries, heat in the air and some other things. Others believe that ghosts
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