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CSI Team Gears Up to Investigate Ghost Reports at The Hippodrome

Cambridgeshire-based paranormal investigators are planning to conduct its major paranormal hunt at Hippodrome, which is now home to a Wetherspoon’s Pub. The plan come after contractors who are doing the refurbishment reported paranormal happenings in the building. The planned investigation will hold experiments that everyone can have a chance to join. read the whole article
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Ghost Hunter Ready to Live Life After Ghosts

One of the paranormal hunters in Syfy’s reality television program “Ghost Hunters” puts down his paranormal investigation equipment on May 16, 2012. He is now settling into his new reality which is living his life with family without hectic schedule due to his commitment in the long running reality hit show. However, he can’t leave
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Calumet Paranormal Team Investigated Calumet Colosseum

Calumet Paranormal team experienced something paranormal during their investigation at Calumet Colosseum. Members of the team captured a video of a shadow man and heard different paranormal voices in their audio recordings. They even got a response when the founder of the team did a knock pattern on the wall. read full article >>

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Television series about paranormal activity is gaining popularity and more people are interested to experience the feeling of witnessing paranormal and finding evidence of it. Some of these people want to form their own paranormal investigation team. One of the most satisfying feelings in investigating paranormal activity is not just witnessing it but also to
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Ghost Hunters Investigate Former City Hotel

Paranormal activities in a former hotel were investigated by psychic medium. The medium claimed she was talking to spirits and got answers from them on spooky mysteries that were reported by the owners and residents. The medium not only got answers from spirits, she also gave peace of mind to the owners and residents after
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Ghost Hunting Crew Investigates Ghost Claims at Grand Canyon Cavern

Paranormal activities have been observed at Grand Canyon Cavern and a paranormal team was contacted by the owner to determine if the place is haunted. Orange County Ghosts and Legends Paranormal Team investigated reports on strange figures, halos taken in pictures and dancing shadows. Different unusual noises were also reported including chants. According to the
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Ghost in a Retail Store

SuperNatural and Paranormal Investigation Team (SNAP-IT) visited a grocery store in which the co-owner Taresa Goldman claimed that she experienced something paranormal. Her workers have long been reported that they hear someone calling their names but they could not determine who that was. Goldman experienced something creepy one day and that made her a believer
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