A video footage of an apparent large alien aircraft surfacing from behind the clouds made the rounds online. It shows a seemingly massive dark steel object with a rough exterior and appearing to have windows. The UFO in question bears a striking resemblance to various alien spacecraft depicted in multi-billion dollar Hollywood movies. YouTube username
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Unidentified Flying Object is anything unrecognizable that hovers in the sky. These flying objects are not necessarily connected or related to liens. While not all man-made objects are ascertainable, there are those that are considered natural. Being natural means absolutely no human effort. Be it Europe or America, UFOs can be found around the world.
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It was late Tuesday night at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix when a strange glow caught the attention of an employee while taking trash to a Dumpster located just outside the air-traffic-control tower. The witness reportedly observed a massive V-shaped object hovering off the ground with light emanating from the bottom. The witness noticed the
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Metallic UFO Spotted Over Turkish Sea: Does It Mean Anything?

According to a survey conducted, one out of seven Americans claimed they or they knew someone who had an experience of a UFO. There have been many cases of sightings ever since the 1940s and they continue to exist today. In these decades, most sightings were spotted during daytime and were in close range, when
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A camouflaged UFO was recorded on video lurking behind the clouds. According to the narrator of YouTube channel SecureTeam10, the video shows a UFO in the sky above Frayser in North Memphis, Tennessee. It may be hard to tell the location of the UFO in the original video, but the exposure-enhanced version of the footage
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