Top 5 Bizarre Wild Creatures Spotted on Tape


Due to the advancement of technology today, modern science has made it possible for the scientists to study further the existence of the unexplained creatures on the planet. Unfortunately, these animals cannot be examined thoroughly to determine their origin or at least, create scientifically recognized data. Despite the lack of circumstances, it does not hamper people from spotting imagery or view videos of the captured or existing bizarre things being encountered.

There are countless of strange creatures spotted, but the list below is those that remained controversial.

Hook Island Monster: This tadpole creature was spotted by Robert Le Serrec and his wife during a family vacation in 1965. It was believed to be 80 feet long. Due to its uniqueness, people see it was a computerized hoax, but manipulation software was not invented during that time. To make sense, some people postulated to be a piece of plastic lying in the sand. Others consider it as a mammoth cryptid.

Skyfish: Also known as rods, the sky fish are perceived to be six feet long and cylindrical in shape with multiple wings. Even though it has been filmed on multiple occasions, it was believed to move at 200mph.

100-Arm Sea Creature: Ong Han Boon spotted this unusual creature in September 2014 when he was fishing off the island of Singapore. The odd creature bears a resemblance between a starfish and an octopus with winding arms. Since no one knew of his research, he considered it to be a mutation by water pollutants. Later, the odd creature was discovered to be a basket known to live at 6,000 feet and feeds on zooplankton.

Monkey Pig: This creature is believed to be a cross-species between a pig and a monkey due to its hairy body, cloven feet, and bulging facial appearance. The poor appearance is linked to being a Holoprosencephaly, the brain development condition.

Neon Blue Sea Dragon: Also known as the Blue Dragon, this creature looks like an Axolotl, which is a tiny creature that bears a resemblance of Pokemon. It was spotted on the shores of Australia. While some animals can be explained easily, others remain a mystery.

For centuries, these unidentified creatures have been filmed, but no one knows what they are or where they are from, but their visual presence is undeniable.

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