CCTV Footage Captures Time Traveler or Ghost Passing Closed Door


What are you doing when you are doing nothing at all? Scientists have discovered that when humans are doing mental tasks, adding or subtracting, taking tests, some areas of their brains are active. When some areas become active, scientists have discovered that other parts of the brain become dark. The frontal, parietal and temporal lobes of the brain are called “the dark network” of our brain. The reason they are called this is because this seems to be inactive when our bodies are active. On the other hand, this area is very active when our bodies are inactive. Why? It appears that while we are doing nothing at all, our mind is very active so we must be doing something. But what could we be doing? The answer has to do with the human minds can be traveling at a warp speed.

Recently, there has been an interesting video uploaded. On a footage, it shows a person walking through a closed door in a shop. For a few seconds, the shop lights flicker on, and then off again. Afterward, he or she walks out eating a sandwich. The mysterious part is the date and time flashes of the captured footage as it alters from 2016 to 2019. The jumping of the year looks like the leap to the future. The incident is so strange that the person had an energy vortex around that influenced the video’s date. Despite the substantial evidence on the video, there are still people debunked it as a hoax or staged footage. If to see is to believe is your motto, then see the video see the man caught on CCTV going through the wall. On the surveillance camera, it shows light in the store, and a hood man is walking through the door and bears a resemblance of the ghost, or appears what people called it a time traveler.

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