Archeologists Reveal Europe’s 9,000 Year Old Shaman Sanctuary


The Shaman has always been the key figure in an ancient world as it helped shape the pre-medieval human societies as per the records. Though many people viewed deem as something to be scared of, they were a high-rank figure that is capable of de-cursing allies and winning battles. They were also very powerful that they can heal the physical soul and wounds, do shapeshift and communicate with all the animal spirits. Therefore, the discovery of shamanic sanctuary proves that a knowledgeable culture has once flourished there. Despite the existence of records from the 16th century, it appears that they did the bidding. In 2012, archeologists revealed a rare site in northwestern Poland. After analyzing the settlement through modern techniques meticulously, researchers believed that it dated back 9,000 years ago. Among the notable discoveries, the circular 6 meters were proved to be the best.

swidwieThe invention is unique because other shaman settlements were in Mongolia and Siberia. It served as a sanctuary where the practitioners engaged in rituals which are unreachable for written history or modern science. The wood used in smoking rituals, animal bones and plants were used to drive off evil spirits. Inside the sanctuary, there is a vast collection if stones with extraordinary properties. Among them are Quartzite, granite, syenite, sandstone, diorite, and some unusual rocks in the Pomerania area like the green syenite and red marble. The unearth of pumice and amber is spit out of the volcano. These entities are extrusive volcanic rock. Since the site was rich in items such as wood masks and pendants, they were proven to be beneficial in mystic rituals. The discovery adds another facade to written history as it shows that shamans ruled Europe before Christianity. Whether or not shamans were fictional in nature or not, this question remains to be answered. There’s no need to get an official explanation then you can base your conclusion on the given archeological facts.

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