Why Native Americans Kept Their Hair Long: Find Out the Truth

Long hair has never been an issue for most people because it is a form of hair style. However, the way you see people with long hair is a case to case basis as it depends solely on how you perceived them. You might think that they are a hippie, but what if it is an extension of the nervous system, and with long hair, you could access the extrasensory information. Find out why Native Americans kept their hair long.


During the Vietnam War, Special Forces were being deployed to American Indian reservations. The purpose is to search for tough scouts and talented young man. They were searching specifically for men with sturdy tracking abilities. The enticing story started when they were found. Once they were enlisted, the recruit effectively failed to track the field. But what could be the reason?

According to the Native American recruits, their hair cannot be cut. They added that once their hair is cut, it would cease their capacity to sense the enemy. Since the military did not believe this matter, they cut their hair. As soon as they lose their abilities, it was the time that the army considered the regulation of haircuts. However, before anything else, they decided to test the men.

In a typical scenario, they would recruit men sleeping in the woods. They would be approached by the armed“enemy”. Before the enemy would arrive, the long-haired man would wake from his sleep and sense danger. Afterwards, they would cut his hair to do the test. Unfortunately, the recruits failed this test. It is not a set of age nonsense; it makes sense in different ways. For many years, mammals evolved to have their hair. Today, people were very much obsessive in getting rid of it. However, is it possible that the hair was to keep warmer, or perhaps just attracting a person? Irrespective of the reason, the body has a use for every part.

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