WWIII: War between Extra-Terrestrial and Humanity Civilization has Started?

Paranormal news – An active duty whistleblower, Michael Prince, trained to be a cyborg super soldier assassin in SS and MI-6 UK intelligence networks, stated that in World War III a battle between extraterrestrial well-being and human civilization will start. Mr. Prince says that armed hostilities between extraterrestrial forces and human race are taking place again and again.
Mr. Prince added that an ET false flag operation planned. With his interviews, he claims that Grey / Reptilian Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex (MIEC) who allied with human forces, were generally preparing a false flag ET invasion. The MIEC or Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex were reffered to the negative extraterrestrial-human alliance that intents to take-over the Earth. Read the whole article >> extraterrestrials-aliens.com

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