UFO invasion over Colombia

June 21, 2011 – Paranormal video of strange UFO lights in the night sky above Bogota in Colombia. Were they extraterrestrials or military? watch >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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    At about 1:15 a.m PST (+/- 5 mins) on the morning of August 28, 201, I wietnssed two orange glowing objects fly at mind bending speed right toward eachother from opposite sides of the Western and Eastern horizon over the skies of Santa Clarita. Seperated by about 5 degrees from my point of reference at the point they crossed eachother in from opposite parallel trajectories, the amber glowing object traveling West to East made a precision 90 degree smooth circular turn southbound without decelerating its impossible speed then made another sharp turn 90 degress back East and vanished near instantly into the horizon. The identical amber object flying west I could not track once they cross in the sky they moved so fast I focued on the East bound object only. Estimated time of visual contact from point directly overhead until fading into the horizon was about 13 seconds (+/- 2 seconds). Creepy sight. I believe they were DARPA’s Hypersonic Vehicles that can fly in controled flight at hypersonic speeds to stike anywhere in the world in under 2 hours. At least I hope so. Similar sightings are happening all over the world with greater frequency. What does not add up is that most sightings are of more than one craft. Hope they are ours

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