New Maps Shows Artificial Structures: Are They Buildings On Other Planets?


No one can tell the capacities of an alien aside from abducting humans or do earth visitation. However, in the eyes of the UFO hunters, it appears that aliens are not only contented in building structures on Mars. According to a researcher, the newly published images shows that Venus shows elements about huge cities and artificial buildings. Due to its uniqueness, he believes that an extraterrestrial being built the structures.

While the story sounds fictional, what makes it groundbreaking is the mere fact that Venus is the second planet regarding sun’s perspective. In fact, it orbits about 67 million miles. Based on a study, a Venus year will last longer than one day on Venus. In fact, one year will last for 225 days on Earth, and it spins slowly lasting for 243 days on Earth. As opposed to other planets, it has a dark appearance, but hot since it is volcanically active. When faced to other planets, it is positioned to an opposite direction. To explain further, an alien hunter and YouTube enthusiast Mundodesconocido placed a video showing the large cities he claimed to have spotted while gathering and studying the photos. He is confident as he even made 3D models out of it. In a video, he said that the mysterious artificial shapes appear to be the big cities and have elements that can emit lights.

The alien hunter takes the viewers on a tour of this great mysterious city on Venus. He even showed off the raised structures that could be an alien department or crates on complexes. Based on his findings, the poles of the planet are colder than other surfaces on Earth. Atmospheric waves also covered its surfaces. Aside from showing viewers the places on this planet, he also introduced the finding of structures to conspiracy theorists. Everybody can raise their opinion towards the map. Whether you believed it as a fraction of extraterrestrial capacity, there are still no conclusions yet. However, the researcher believes that aliens do have the unique ability to build cities.

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