Meet the Anunnaki, Our Ancient Ancestors

The Anunnaki are deities in Mesopotamian cultures, such as the Sumerian, Assyrian, Akkadian, and Babylonian. The “Anunnaki” were considered to be the major players, making its way to popular folklore, through the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin, an economist by profession and education, and the author of Genesis Revisited, which explores ancient. Long-lived thousands of years, these extraterrestrial Homo Sapien Golaths from the planet Nibiru mined gold 400,000 years ago. In 300,000 years ago, they created short-lived and Earth-adapted, mine slaves, called “Anunnaki.” They taught people violence, hierarchy, greed, debt, and slavery. They made people worship them as “gods.”


The Anunnaki have no definite appearance, even though, according to the crescent mythology, they look like humans, and they are larger in height. The Anunnaki possess a shape-shifting race that can mold themselves into sizes and shapes. Anunnaki, who remained on Earth, as well as the hybrid lines they support still influences the Earth. In fact, they provide all the nations credit and factions. The elite runs competing religions which bring back the Anunnaki god.

Some Anunnaki stayed on Earth and controlled people and the Earth’s resources. Unless humans see the matrix they made and hence, nullify it, their perspective prevails. About 450,000 years ago, the Anunnaki dictated tales of how they got golds from Earth and 300,000 years ago, how they created people for the mines. Their stay before they made our ancestors of what we believed that they did, influenced us with the values of their hierarchic, master-slave-enemy mentality, and male-run. We assumed pollute, values of extract, enslave, monopolize, indebt, and obsess with gold.

The Anunnaki were bred with ancient grandmothers in each generation. The ancestors on Earth saw, felt, and heard Anunnaki gods. According to them, Gods were not fictional. Mesopotamians, Indians, Egyptians, Norse, Tibetans, Chinese, South Americans, and Central all spoke of gods who rode Celestial Chariots. When Nibiru neared the Earth, they gave us herds, crops, devices, medicine, knowledge, laws, and Nibiran genes. The view ends economic and physical slavery, derogation of women, hierarchic obsession, gold lust, antagonistic nations and religions the gods.

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