The Unheard Conspiracy Theories That Remained Mysterious

A conspiracy theory is a speculative hypothesis stating that persons have conspired to cover up an event or situation regarded as harmful. Below are the lists of mysterious theories.

Experiment from Philadelphia

During the commencement of World War 2, the Navy of the United States has researched the ways in making the vessels in the sea not visible to German submarines.  According to the witnesses, the ship was almost disappeared entirely leaving a green-colored fog in the area. As soon as it appeared, the crew members were nauseous.

The Hoax Global Warming Issue
Scientists have already proven that man-made machinery is damaging the ozone layer due to the increase of C02, many people still deny the study. To control it easily, the global warming was the way to scare the population. However, they believe that this theory is an EU’s hoax to damage the economy of the United States.

Crisis Drama

Some people believe that the increase of devastation and destruction scenes is some government stages to propel their one and only agenda. For example, the terrorist attacks and shootings which led to the need for the gun law. The theory is they hire actors for the catastrophic event.

The New World Is Denver Airport

Since its construction in 1995, DIA has become the center of conspiracy theories. Some people view it as the layout of swastika because it is covered with stormtroopers and children with odd languages around them.

AIDS Invented In a Government Lab
To wipe the African-American and homosexual populations, conspiracy theories believe that the CIA created AIDS.

The Inexistence of Adam Linza

Adam Linza was the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School. According to the non-believers, Adam Linza never existed at all, and he was created to appear like a distraught young man.

America’s Concentration Camps

Many people firmly believed that the government is setting concentration camps. These camps are fully staffed and were ready to be implemented. Several websites online have pointed the area of the debated camps and reveal details pertaining their occupancy when Martial Law takes place in the USA.

Old Man is What Hitler Lived

At the end of World War II, it was believed that Hitler lived in Argentina until 1962 with his wife and two daughters. The information online revealed that he took his life in Berlin Bunker.

Bill Hicks and Alex Jones Are the Same

People believe that Bill Hicks, who passed due to pancreatic cancer, is not dead, but is the currently running a radio show named Alex Jones.

High-level Reptilians Are Country’s Elite

According to Icke’s theory, the reptilians inhabit human and run the world. As in the situation of George Bush and Queen Elizabeth who happens to be the world’s elite are reptile.


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    Conspiracy theories have been around since humans gained the power of speech and therefore the ability to create chaos and confusion. Some of them may well be true, who knows, but spouting them off with no proof is absolutely asking for ridicule. This sort of reporting brings the genuine research into strange topics, including UFOs global warming etc, into disrepute.
    We live on a very beautiful planet which can totally surprise us with it’s diversity and wonder, so why are we so preoccupied with such twaddle as reptiles being in supreme command or ships disappearing in a past experiment? Day to day living is confusing enough without all this unprovable bunkum. Bring the proof or shut up,
    that’s what I say.
    I have seen UFOs, and other strange things which defy explanation, so maybe conspiracies are created by government controlled conspirators in order to make us guible enough to accept all the BS spouted in the name of scientific fact. See, anyone can do it.. back to square one

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    But today we’re not dealing with these cliche premises but we would rather like to focus on in game conspiracies that manage to stir the pot for the whole story and gameplay. With intricate plots and inquisitive heroes, these ten gaming titles made us create our own restless theories .

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