The Illuminati Plan: The Fake Second Coming of Jesus


Conspiracy theories will always fascinate us for many years to come. The exciting part of Conspiracy theory is that it gives us information that not too many people know, or not everyone is going to believe. At the heart of every conspiracy theory, there is the group called the Illuminati. Today, no one claims this title, so it is assumed that the group is done in secret. Why is the world not ready to accept most of the conspiracy theories? The answer is simple: the world governments or NWO does a good job at keeping people busy with their daily lives and world politics that happen every moment. You have to understand, many people are not just ignorant, but they are also not educated outside the boundaries of academic achievements.

Certain contexts refer that the Illuminati planned to fake the return Jesus through hologram projection technology known as the Project Blue Beam in connection with the Microwave Auditory Effect, which has energy waves being demodulated in sound waves in the inner ear so that people hear voices as if they are coming from inside their head. The most interesting part is that it bears a resemblance of the technology employed in the Department of Defense to trick people with regards to the return of Jesus or the belief of alien invasion. It has also been stated that President Raegan in his UN speech mentioned that the world is facing an alien threat. The purpose is for the evil people to stop at destroying them.

A false prophet is the one who untruthfully claims the gift of divine or inspiration prophecy. Even within the same religion as the “prophet”, a “true prophet” may be considered a “false prophet” by others. According to some people, the written word is the only false doctrine on the planet no matter what’s in it. It is a slap in the face of the cross.

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