Conspiracy Theory: Alien Experiments Took Place in Area 51


Area 51 a myth or real truth of American Air Force has been a matter of concern for many people for years. After many years of secret experiments and services by American Air Force technical, pilots and engineers, the secret revealed by some of them about the place of Area 51 still seems unbelievable and shrouded in secrecy. The name of the American Air Force agency is derived from its location at grid 51 on the base map of Nevada, 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The area is surrounded by fences with secure security systems, and its existence was acknowledged officially in 2013 by the CIA.

Recently, Major Charles Bolden said that extra-terrestrial life exists and that aliens were hidden in Area 51. Charles Bolden has led NASA since 2009, and he has a belief that the place holds the key to extra-terrestrial existence. The remains of any beings landing on earth are stored there, and researchers and scientists carry out on the alien technology. So, what are the proofs? First is the appearance of a strange light in the sky over Area 51 that emanates from extra-terrestrial beings. Next is the Roswell incident where Mac Brazel found a mysterious metal over his land in 1947. There were also flying disc recovered as well as the shrapnel, which was believed to be a product of a weather balloon. Next proof is from Bob Lazar, who worked in a top secret facility of Area 51 called S-4. For 25 years his story has not altered, and he passed various polygraph tests and some other witnesses who can prove his strong credibility. Another one is Boyd Bushman, who was a former scientist and gave several interviews about anti-gravity and alluded to having knowledge about the aliens. He also passed polygraph tests and shared photos of aliens to his aerospace engineer friend.

There are millions of people who have been claiming over and again that they have seen UFOs flying over Area 51. These claims have added to its spooky aura and unusualness. Though there is no official backing to these statements, many people speculate that the place might be an army or commanding area of Unidentified Flying Objects.

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