Fast UFOs over Denver, Colorado

Pararnormal report – UFO fastwalkers flying across Denver, Colorado on June 16, 2011. What are those fast objects in our atmosphere? watch >> eFastwalkers.com

Video: Roswell crash alien released

Paranormal news – New leaked alien footage from a Roswell UFO crash survivor. This is allegedly grey extra terrestrials from Zeta Reticula. Watch the video >> extraterrestrials-aliens.com

Aliens in Washington

Paranormal – On May 16, an interview with Mr. Robert. M. Stanley, (the author of ‘Covert Encounters in Washington, DC’ – Amazon) spoke of extraterrestrials involved high up in many aspects of our country including politics, religion, media, and public events. He says that the first US sighting of a UFO in Washington DC was
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