Paranormal news, July 2011 – Two new video of strange activity in our Silar system. This videos of huge unknown objects recorded by NASA’s SOHO are coming out for over a year now, what are those things? watch new videos >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

Crop Circle Interaction

Paranormal news – An interesting trend that has been happening throughout history is the harvest group. There are some that claim crop groups are made by aliens, some believe that they’re developed by the permanent magnetic field of the world, yet a few declare that the crop circle trend is an sophisticated hoax and they
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Did extraterrestrials made the pyramids?

2011 Paranormal news – In 2010, Dr Ala Shaheen (Head of the Cairo Archaeology Department) said that there was a possibility of technology “not of this world” having been found in the pyramids at Giza. He went on to state, after being questioned by Polish delegate Mr. Marek Novak that there may be some truth
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2011 – Paranormal news – UFO activity was recorded over one of the most tallest buildings in the world, over Taipei 101 in Taiwan. Watch the TV news report about this paranormal phenomenon >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

New crop circles found in Belgium and UK

July 2011, Paranormal news – New amazing crop circles were found in two European countries, Belgium (Momalle) and United Kingdom (New Warren Farm near Lane End in Hampshire). watch the videos and photos >> www.eCropCricles.com

Humanoid Lizard terrorises Lee County

2011 – Paranormal TV news report about the strange lizard shaped beings that has been spotted in Lee County in Florida by a multiple witnesses. read the whole article and watch this TV news >> extraterrestrials-aliens.com

Paranormal flying saucer of South Africa

July 2011 – This paranormal picture of daytime flying saucer was taken via Google Earth above Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. read more and watch the video >> www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net