Strong Radio Signal From Space Detected – Alien Enthusiasts Expressed Enthusiasm

Ratan 600

Deep space alien enthusiasts have gotten excited with the news from a group of Russian astronomers who said that they’ve picked up a strong unknown radio signal from space. The potential source of the signal brings frenzy among intelligent alien life believers. Scientists revealed that it was likely coming from a distant system with a Sun-like star.

The possible star could house a planet with civilization just like our Solar System. The astronomers picked up the signal with the use of RATAN-600 radio telescope, a Zelenchukskaya radio observatory in southwestern Russia. According to their data, the star is located 95 light-years from Earth. The most interesting part of this discovery is that the star is around the same size of the Sun, and it is suspected to have a planet in its orbit.

If this planet indeed orbits much close to its star than Mercury orbits the Sun, it is probably too hot to support life. However, the good news is that it is possible there are other planets in this system that are not yet discovered.

Still, it may be better not to get too enthusiastic about it as Seth Shostak, Center for SETI Research director, cautions people that there are many different possible explanations for what had caused the detection. A repeat pick up of the signal is needed before plunging into the possibility of intelligent alien life, Shostak said. The director further explained that there had been signals like this being picked up a few times before and they are all yet to pan out. Shostak added that it is a mystery signal, but mystery signals aren’t new.

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