West Australia Man Captures UFO Images

May 5 | Posted by skipy | UFOs and Aliens

More than 400 people in West Australia reported that they saw unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and met extraterrestrials, and they were looking for advice and counseling about the matter, The Sunday Times reported. Following this report, Rob Hartland presented the photographs of what he claimed to be unidentified flying objects which he captured using his digital camera. Hartland was testing his new camera from the veranda of his house in Darlington in the Perth Hills when he... Read more

UFO Expert Says Irish Pilots Met UFOs

May 3 | Posted by skipy | UFOs and Aliens

Ireland is one of the places on Earth reported to be strong alien activity and other paranormal cases. According to UFO experts,... Read more

Glowing UFO Right In the Skies Of Adams County

April 24 | Posted by skipy | UFOs and Aliens

The tourism industry dependent Adams County, Natchez, Mississippi had a different kind of visitor earlier this week. Many people got interested more... Read more

Descending UFO on YouTube Video Creates Different Opinions

April 9 | Posted by skipy | UFOs and Aliens

A video of alleged UFO landing that was posted on YouTube made a big news among UFO community around the world. The video,... Read more

Ghosts Found Haunting Around Mount Morgan

March 28 | Posted by skipy

Paranormal Paratek went to visit the old mining town of Mount Morgan... Read more

Paranormal Experts Caught Orb in Video in Sandusky County Dungeon

March 27 | Posted by skipy

Warren Brown, the Administrator of Sandusky County, had been pure skeptic when... Read more

Ghost Hunting at Nebraska’s Squirrel Cage Jail

March 22 | Posted by skipy

The Paranormal Distraction of Omaha in Nebraska will host an overnight search... Read more

Do Ghosts Exist?

March 21 | Posted by skipy

The debate whether ghosts are real or not is no longer new... Read more

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